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Jaques 1Kg Medium Roast - Whole Beans
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Jaques 1Kg Medium Roast - Whole Beans


Size: 1Kg 
Roast: MEDIUM 
Our medium roast coffee is suited to you if you love a simple plunger, pour over or drip filter coffee. The beans are roasted and from the coffee beans we harvest each year from the plantation. The medium roast makes a very smooth black mug of coffee and with milk if you prefer or if you are feeling crafty, make a cold brew and serve with ice during summer. We hand blend together the perfect selection of our different size green beans, slowly roast around 22 mins in our cast iron drum roaster to medium roast 30 seconds before second crack and hot seal into high quality bags ready for your morning, midday or anytime time of day coffee. Yum! 

Origin: Mareeba 1340 feet, QLD, Australian
Blend: Screen 16/18 with pea berry hand selected
Roast Profile: 100% Medium Roast 
Strength: 3/5
Tastes / Aromas: Sweet spices, low acidy, honey and chocolate with a hint of jasmine.
Suitable for: Plunger, Drip filter, Percolator Chemex (pour over)

Pure single origin Australian naturally grown medium roast coffee from the plantation in Mareeba, Queensland roasted by the Jaques Master Roasters at the Plantation roastery

When you buy coffee online it ships directly from the roastery on the plantation in Mareeba, Australia

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